Our Team


Nardo Bosque, CPA, MBA

President / CEO

Isaac Molina

Regional Manager, West

Shawn Hunter, RCDD

Director of Technology Engineering

Gary Ward

Regional Manager, South

Michael Taylor

Director of Support Services

Ariane Ortiz


Clay Littleton

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jamie Ball

General Manager (Ft. Myers – West Region)


Jessica Johnson

Healthcare Business Development (Altamonte Springs – Central Region)

Jason Collins

Education Business Development (North/Central Region)

Brian Mengerink

Healthcare Business Development (Jacksonville – North Region)

Mark Murphy

Healthcare Business Development (Tampa – West Region)

Gregg Taskowitz

Healthcare Business Development (Sunrise – South Region)

Craig DeWerff

Education Business Development (Sunrise – South Region)

Kevin Klein

Healthcare Business Development (Sunrise – South Region)

Yvonne Lombardo

Healthcare Business Development (Fort Myers – West Region)

Technology / Engineering

Cody Lee Hebner

Technology Integration Manager

James Harvey

Product Technology Engineer

Brett Criscione

IT Project Engineer

David Woodby

Project Technology Engineer North/Central

Stephen Nelson

Technology Integration Specialist – North/Central

Alan Hancock

Product Technology Engineer North/Central

Bobbi Lee

Technology Integration Specialist – West

Al Prince

Product Technology Engineer South

Sawyer Bartell

IT Project Engineer


Bryan Bosque

Account Manager South

Ashley Strein

Account Manager West

Jessica Munro

Account Manager – North/Central

Joanne Aczualdez

Account Manager South

Althea Beaton

Service Solution Manager


Brandon Ridinger

Operations Manager North / Central

Edwin Rivas

Operations Manager West

James Ross

Education Division Manager (West Region)