System Integrations

Direct Connect

Responder 5 Direct Connect allows direct integration to any SIP-capable wireless system. You choose the product – wireless phones, smartphones, pocket-pagers, and real-time location badges. Eliminating the need for third-party middleware, we provide you with fast, direct link between systems and seamless reporting capabilities.


Mobile Devices

Connect Responder nurse call to wireless devices to allow patients to connect immediately with their assigned caregivers. Reduce response times, increase patient satisfaction, and allow caregivers to determine patient needs with increased efficiency.


Real-Time Location Systems

Integrate nurse call with your chosen location system for real-time location information on your staff, patients and equipment. Give staff the hands-free capability to register and automatically cancel patient calls by simply walking into a patient’s room.


Alarm Management

Reduce noise levels in patient rooms by connecting medical devices directly to nurse call. This allows alarms from IV pumps, ventilators, patient monitors, telemetry equipment, bed and chair exit pads, and more to annunciate through the nurse call system directly to the nursing station or to a caregiver’s wireless device.

Admit-Discharge-Transfer Patient Information

We provide a direct interface to electronic medical records systems for bi-directional information sharing. We receive admit, discharge and transfer messages in Responder 5 for improved patient care and additional reporting capability that is tied directly to a patient, not just a room. Send nurse call information to your hospital’s EMR system to automate the discharge process and more.


Active Directory

Syncing Responder 5 with Active Directory with LDAP mapping allows you to maintain control of employee passwords and profiles with a single system. Responder 5 will recognize employees’ standard hospital login information