System Compatibility

Protect your investment in Responder IV system by upgrading to Responder 5 software.

Increase Responder IV Longevity

Responder 5 software upgrade lets you keep Responder IV in the patient rooms, corridors and equipment cabinets while taking advantage of Responder 5 integration and reporting.  You use your existing data network to expand your nurse call world and allow for future integration at the server level.  Connecting your Responder IV nurse call with Responder 5 software delivers:

  • Single Staff Assignment to multiple systems
  • Improved phone integration and performance without the need for middleware
  • Sophisticated and comprehensive reporting management
  • Options for real-time location systems
  • Intuitive and interactive PC Console/Whiteboards
  • More advanced workflow options
  • Integration to other workflow solutions
  • Centralized system management
  • Standardization of data and server network