Campus Intercom

Intercom systems that provide secure, reliable, and integrated internal communications.

Telecenter U

Telecenter U directly links to an integrated IP-based internal communications solution for school-based intercom and paging, as well as interfacing with clock systems, security and access systems, and other public address solutions.


For Emergencies

As part of your comprehensive crisis and mass notification plan, a paging and intercom system plays a vital role. Whether you are evacuating a single school or locking down the entire district, the ability to communicate clearly and quickly is critical. Rauland Telecenter systems let you communicate real-time to every classroom, every corridor, and throughout every corner of your K-12 facility or campus.

District Communications

Bell schedules suddenly aren’t just for bells anymore. Play music between class changes. Play your school fight song to start first period. Lock your doors at the end of the day automatically. Send an email to security to notify them that school will let out in 5 minutes. Any routine event or notification can be part of your daily schedule, and managing them can be virtually effortless with Telecenter U.

District Communications