Physical Security Solutions

We design and deliver life safety, integrated security and critical communications solutions so that our customers can protect their assets, property and staff. We specialize in the latest technology in IP based systems to give you and your employee’s piece of mind.


Use cameras to view your facilities operations, environment, and ensure peace of mind for your employees. From megapixel technology to progressive scan, allow us to recommend the right products for your specific application.


Recording Software

Ability to manage, review and verify images and events with an easy to use, robust software platform. From basic to corporate enterprise wide, and the ability to view events / images from your smartphone or tablet!


Access Control

Monitor and secure entrances, exits and off limits areas to staff and visitors. Integrate lock down scenarios with video from cameras to give verification of events. Powerful software interface that allows the management of this database w/ integration to HR tools.


Intercom & Paging

Critical communication systems to inform and broadcast announcements, alerts, and instructions. Integrated IP based systems to allow for mass notification, smart schedules, and smarter responses.